Erzincan Halk Egitim Merkezi ve Aksam Sanat Okulu
Erzincan Public Education Centre is a public adult education provider established in 1965. Erzincan Halk Egitimi Merkezi deals with non-formal education, including training, education, guidance and application activities organized in addition to, or outside formal education for individuals who have never entered the formal education system, or individuals who are at a certain level of the formal education, or who have left these levels for lifelong education. The great majority of the educational activities organized outside formal education institutions are carried out by our public training centre. The organisation’s expertise is mainly on vocational, social and cultural, and literacy courses for individuals at every age and educational level. Our organisation is focused on reforming the goals, programs and structures of the school system, giving emphasis to activities towards developing, extending and restructuring the non-school education and learning system in the context of lifelong education and shifting the focus of education from formal education to continuous education.
Erzincan Governorate

Erzincan Governorate is the highest administrative unit of the province and represents the central government.

The governor is obliged to ensure the implementation of the law, by laws, regulations and the decisions of the government and to carry out the instructions and orders of the ministries. It is authorized to take all necessary measures to carry out these works.

Erzincan governorate; provides duties and responsibilities with affiliated official organizations.

One of the affiliated organizations of the Erzincan Governorate is EU and Foreign affairs desk.

-Establishing capacity for EU affairs in Governorate,
-To bring the European values to our province,
-Supporting the preparation of national and international grants and preparation of projects,
-To guide public institutions and organizations, NGO’s and the whole public sector in the EU accession process
-To prepare and implement projects that will solve the problems of all disadvantaged groups (especially migrants and refugees) in the province.

Andragoški zavod Maribor - Ljudska univerza
 Andragoški zavod Maribor-Ljudska univerza (Adult Education Centre Maribor) is a public adult education institution with a staff of 15. We provide formal (elementary school for adults, VET) and informal (language courses, ICT courses, study circles…) education for adults of all ages. We are also an educational guidance centre. We work primarily with seniors, early school leavers, migrants/refugees, the Roma, the disabled, the unemployed, inmates… Our expertise/competence in relation to the project is work with the migrants/refugees and the disadvantaged in general. We are skilled in reaching, motivating, counselling and educating migrants/refugees and the disadvantaged. In 2011 we participated in an innovative Slovenian national project targeting seniors, the Roma and people with special needs where one of the objectives was to promote h lifelong learning. We are organizer of integrational courses for migrants/refufees (Initial integration for migrants). We have a large network of associates and partners from all segments of education and beyond which will enable us needed support and dissemination and mainstreaming of results.
“EDUNET” Organization is an NGO  established in 2007, aiming  to provide services and resources for promoting lifelong education, for supporting  professional education, education for active citizenship and for lasting development.

EDUNET develops some offers of  formal, non-formal and informal learning: activities of vocational education and  training; solutions of learning foreign languages and  developing the digital competences; activities of supporting the adults for achieving the abilities and competences necessary to personal development and for professional integration and active citizenship. Edunet also provide  support of  other  schools  and educational organizations   for  European cooperation, quality training and  smooth  transition from school  to active life. EDUNET has been a partner in many Mobility projects,   providing language and cultural preparation and facilitating the insertion of the participants in the professional  workplace.

Originally conceived in 1987, Valnalon is an agency of the regional government of Asturias (Spain) in Asturias (pop. 1 million), a former industrial region with an economy largely based in coal and steel.   As a matter of fact, Valnalon is strategically located in Langreo occupying the premises of an old steel factory. Far from coincidental,  this location conveys a clear message about Valnalon mission, to act as a catalyst, to facilitate a somewhat difficult transition into a new economic model based in entrepreneurship and innovation that requires a whole different mindset.  Thus, Valnalon team (24 people) has the mandate to put into practice the ideas exposed in the Asturias Regional Action Plan for Entrepreneurship in two key areas: Business start-up support and Entrepreneurship Education.

Ever since its inception Valnalon has been providing business start-up advice, training and support to budding entrepreneurs helping them to create hundreds of new companies.

Valnalon has been very active in international arenas for several years gaining a considerable experience in the development and coordination of European projects under the frame of the Lifelong Learning Programme (ADEPTT), Erasmus + (VET Schools as Entrepreneurial Hubs) and European Social Fund (Communities of Practice on Inclusive Entrepreneurship).